Sandy Island

Rumors have been circulating that Chesterton, the good-natured weasel featured in Dean Coe’s children’s books may be making a visit to Sandy Island located on the clear waters of Lake Winnipesaukee in Mirror Lake, NH.

In a collection of nature-based picture books, Coe tells tales of the good natured weasel, Chesterton, and his many adventures in the woods, marshes and shores of Cape Cod. His latest book, Wild Moon, is a captivating chapter book about a wild animal mystery that takes place on the shores of Cape Cod Bay. Sandy Island historian, Sarah Clarkson, was familiar with the Chesterton stories and suggested to Dean that Chesterton’s next adventure could take place on Sandy. Dean came to Sandy and spent a day hiking around the island in search of a story.

In a recent conversation with Executive Director, Kate Lemay, Coe recalled the last time he was on the Island…“There were over 200 people buzzing about, going to activities, sitting in groups telling stories. There were kids riding on mom or dad’s shoulders and seniors making their way to the dining hall while holding the arm of a friend or loved one. The island was alive with joy.” Dean said “It is so strange to be here in the middle of summer and the loudest sounds are those from the breeze in the pines and the rippling waves in their relentless effort to push the rocks further onto the shore, sounds that would normally be lost to the exuberance of kids of all ages at play.” When I asked Dean how he was going to approach the story, he paused and said, “I have my ideas of what will be important but I would love to hear from campers of all ages.”

Have you ever been to Sandy Island? If so we’d love to hear from you! No matter how old or young you are share your story with us, who knows…your story might just be the adventure Chesterton gets up to in his next book about his time on Sandy Island.
1) What does Sandy Island mean to you?
2) What is the first thing that pops into your mind?
3) Is it a place, an event, a happening, a special moment?