Chesterton_Gift_PackageChesterton Gift Package

Are you looking for a special personal children’s gift? Buy a Chesterton Gift Package which includes Chesterton Keeps His Town Jumping, Chesterton Saves The Whale,  Chesterton’s Winter Rescue,  Chesterton’s Scary Breakfast and Chesterton Saves The Bunnies.  All books come signed and with a custom greeting.

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agedcoverChesterton, Cape Cod’s good-natured weasel, once again surprises us with his unique and non-weasel like behavior as he demonstrates empathy and caring for fellow creatures in the wild. Remembering a time when his own family was faced with losing their habitat, Chesterton leads a family of endangered and threatened Cottontails to a homeland that can be safe for many years to come. Chesterton Saves The Bunnies includes a glossary, parent/teacher guide and infographic from US Fish And Wildlife.

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Chesterton Keeps His Town Jumping is about a curious and  benevolent weasel, an unsung hero, who sparks kids into action to protect a century old summer ritual.  Written by Dean Coe, “chairman of the board”, and beautifully illustrated by Sandwich High School students, Robyn Waples and Sasha Rudyakov. The story takes place during Sandwich’s 375th anniversary. The setting  is  Cape Cod’s most iconic structure, the Sandwich Boardwalk, recognized by National Geographic for its unique character.  This warm story with threads of passion, history and an empowering sense of community is on its way to becoming  a regional classic.

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Chesterton Whale Cover

Chesterton Saves The Whale, is based on a true story, but with a surprise ending, about a stranded pilot whale discovered by the author while kayaking in an estuary by Old Harbor in Sandwich. Massachusetts. The story will both entertain and educate young readers about the ways of wild creatures and their natural habitat. Chesterton Saves The Whale includes a kid friendly glossary to develop an understanding and appreciation of ecology.

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Chesterton’s Scary Breakfast takes place where the forest meets the salt marsh and Scornton Creek in East Sandwich, Massachusetts. It is a fun tale in which Chesterton’s spontaneous, whimsical and questionable decision creates an adventure for more than just himself.

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Chesterton’s Winter Rescue: As Chesterton struggles for his own survival in a harsh winter, he comes face to face with a couple of battered puffins who have been blown onto land in a severe Nor’easter. Readers are introduced to Chesterton’s cousin otter, who promises to help provide food and shelter to the strange visitors from the sea.

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  1. I bought Chesterton Saves the Bunnies & my Grandson loves it! I would like to buy the other 4. It looks like Chestertron Saves the Town is only available in the kit of 5 books. Is there a way to buy just the 4 books I don’t have?


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