The Story About The Story

When author, Dean Coe and his granddaughter Ashlan were walking in Shawme Forest, Sandwich, Massachusetts, a small creature scurried across the trail in front of them. Having easily eluded some barking dogs in pursuit, the winsome character stood momentarily and appeared to invite the two to join in the fun. The brief encounter became the impetus for Coe’s Chesterton stories about a spirited, ever-curious, good-natured Cape Cod weasel.

The first adventure, Chesterton Keeps His Town Jumping, is about being brave. When jumping off the Sandwich boardwalk bridge, a 150-year-old local rite of passage, becomes a political issue, Chesterton and Sandwich kids of all ages rally to create a rising tide of opposition to a new ‘no-jumping’ mandate. It’s a fanciful story about community and doing the right thing.

The second story, Chesterton Saves The Whale, is inspired by a true story, but with a surprise ending about a stranded pilot whale discovered by the author while kayaking in Sandwich’s Old Harbor.

Chesterton’s Scary Breakfast is a fun tale in which Chesterton’s spontaneous, whimsical, and questionable decision creates an adventure for more than just himself.

In Chesterton’s Winter Rescue, Chesterton, struggling for his own survival in a harsh winter, comes face to face with a couple of weather-battered puffins who have been blown onto land in a severe Nor’easter. How to feed and nourish them becomes a challenge until Chesterton gets cousin otter involved. 

In Chesterton Saves the Bunnies, Chesterton once again surprises us with his unique and non-weasel-like behavior as he demonstrates empathy and caring for his fellow-creatures in the wild. Remembering a time when his own family was faced with losing their habitat, Chesterton leads a family of endangered cottontails to a homeland that can be safe for many years to come. Chesterton Saves The Bunnies is the first in Coe’s new series featuring threatened or endangered species in New England.

Wild Moon, a nature mystery is Coe’s first chapter book. Something very strange happens during the first autumn full moon on the shores of Cape Cod Bay. It was the same night Dylan Winchester and his mom were camping. Dylan’s special connection with animals enables him to piece together a live puzzle, and with the help of his friends, create a lasting plan to help wild animals.


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